About us

شرکت شیمی پلاستیک یزد

SHIMI PLASTIC YAZD Corporation is one of the largest manufactures of agricultural plastic films with co-extrusion technology in Iran. Our production team have combined their experience with modern technology in manufacturing superior quality
greenhouse and industrial films. We use the highest quality raw materials in our advanced production line to satisfy the needs of our customers all around the world.

Shimi Plastic Yazd Corporation is one of the best manufacturers and the biggest exporter of agricultural plastic films in Iran. Our 40+ years of experience in plastic fields and our love and desire for being the best in the market, has given us an advantage in understanding our customer’s needs, and motivates us to take the extra steps to produce the best plastic films for our customers. Our dedicated R&D team select the best raw materials and additives from all around the globe, to be used and refined in our advanced production line. We tailor the most beneficial and durable films for each and every customer according to their requirements, their region and the harvest of their greenhouse. We have soldified our brand in the global market by using the best quality raw materials in our advanced production line, to fulfill the needs of our customers in countries around the world.

Shimi Plastic Yazd is the favorite Shrink Film producer in the region. Our co-extrusion multi-layer production line gives us the advantage of using custom-made additives in each layer to satisfy every aspect of our customer’s requirements. Our Shrink films can be used for transportation and storage of almost every product including: petrochemical bags on pallets, tiles, bundle packaging of food, beverages and non-food products, electrical and electronics, home appliances and small appliances, toys, sporting goods, etc…

Vision statement

To help all farmers have easy access to high quality films at most affordable price
To keep improving and developing new products forseeing the needs of the market
To promote greenhouse farming to traditional farmers to help save water and avoid global warming
To provide farmers everywhere with the most environmentally friendly plastics to help preserve our earth
to provide a family-like workplace where when one person wins,everybody wins