Anti-UV Greenhouse

Anti-UV Greenhouse Films

UV stabilized polyethylene film or UV film is the most affordable option to use for greenhouse cover.

Available in large rolls, PE film to cut to fit onto your greenhouse. Our PE films come in different grades, based on its durability and other physical properties of the film. Films with long-life are thicker and could have different types of additives for different purposes, while films with shorter life-span are the least expensive and thereby they have the least number of additives for different purposes.

Ultraviolet (UV) light quickly degrades polyethylene film, so all our films have different percentages of UV Stabilizer in them to provide sun protection to them. Considering farmer’s requirements, our UV embedded PE films can also have other chemical properties manufactured into them.

Specification Anti-UV greenhouse film
Film usage Greenhouse cover
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV yes
Dimension As per customer’s request
Product Fruits & vegetables

Characteristics of plastic films for Anti-uv Greenhouse Films:

Controlled light transmission
Purposeful light diffusion