black mulch films

Black Mulch

Black mulch films have a greater variety of usability, availability, and low cost than mulch films with other colors. Due to their high absorption and reflection, these films absorb UV radiation, visible, and infrared radiation and reflect the absorbed energy in the form of thermal energy or infrared radiation.

The mulch films produced by Shimi Plastic have a higher capacity to eliminate weeds due to the use of the best quality raw materials. These films kill the bacteria in the cultivated soil by absorbing and blocking light. Mulch films produced by our company help increase the soil temperature by 15 degrees celsius at 2-inch depth and 12 degrees Fahrenheit at 4-inch soil depth. This allows warmed roots to grow faster, Thus accelerating plant growth.

Specification Black mulch
Film usage Agriculture
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV As per customer’s request
Length As per customer’s request

Characteristics of Shimi Plastic’s mulch films

Controlled distribution of sunlight
Purposeful light transmission

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic’s Black mulch films

Uniform light transmission
Reduce weed growth
Creating suitable soil moisture to improve roots and crops
Prevents frigid plants
Easy to install & easy to collect from the ground
Reduce water consumption
Improving plant growth, soil, and crop
Prevent soil erosion
Flexible and elastic