silver-black colored mulch films

One of the most common mulch film colors being produced worldwide is silver on one side and black on the other. One of the advantages of this film is its microclimate effects on temperature, light, water, and so on… to optimize the growth of crops. By using the three-layer technology and the best quality raw materials, mulch films produced by Shimi Plastic play the main role in the improvement and enhancement of quantitative and qualitative crops, especially their color and growth. Due to the installation method of these films on the soil (the black part should be on the soil and the silver part facing the sun) light is reflected through the gray/silver part and keeps the cultivated soil and crop roots cool. By using these films, the soil temperature can get several degrees (12-15 degrees Celsius) lower than in plain black mulch films. Therefore, these films can be used in summer when the soil temperature is very warm.

Silver/gray-black mulch films of Shimi Plastic effectively reflect light to prevent overheating of the crops, improve plant photosynthesis and repel insects and bacteria.  

 These types of mulch films are recommended for production of vegetables, flowers, and fruit orchards in a single-row layout, or the full width of triangular greenhouses.

SpecificationSilver/black mulch
Film usageAgriculture
Manufacturing technology3-layer
LengthAs per customer’s request

Characteristics of mulch films of Shimi Plastic

Controlled release of sunlight
Purposeful light transmission

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic’s silver-black mulch films

Resistance to erosion, moisture, and chemicals
Control light entrance and prevent weed growth
Protect crops against aphids and pests
Uniform light diffusion
Reduce water consumption
Create a uniform color in the fruit and crops Elastic
Easy to install and remove from the ground