Three-layer Shrink films

Three-layer Shrink films

With help of our experienced staff, advanced production line, and quality control methods, Shimi Plastic employs the technology for producing three-layered shrink films to deliver the best packaging solution. Shrink films produced by our company are suitable for use in all kinds of packaging in different industries such as pet food, textile, chemicals, hardware, detergents, sports, and equipment. These Shrink Films make packaging easy to use for any automatic or semi-automatic device, which reduces costs. The high quality of transparency, high integrity in packaging, and Anti-Mist, and Anti-dust features help to improve the value of goods that are packed with our Shrink Films.

Shimi Plastic’s shrink films with higher tensile strength and tear properties are an excellent option for packaging all industrial and agricultural products (especially sharp-edged and uncommon-edged products). By using multi-layer technologies & best quality raw materials in their productions, these films prevent the entry of any dust particles or moisture into the packages while the visual properties of these films provide a more pleasant appearance and increase the appeal of the package.

These shrink films provide protection to your products from external environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, snow, and other atmospheric conditions, making them the ideal choices for bulk packaging and shipments. These widely used packaging covers are heat resistant and facilitate the storage of products. These films are ideal for most forms of packaging such as ceramic tile, petrochemical pallets, carpets, furniture, and hundreds of other industries.

Specification Shirink
Film usage Packaging
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV As per customer’s request
Dimension As per customer’s request
Product Pallets, packages, cargo, etc…

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic’s shrink plastic films

Increased longevity of your product
Cost efficient
Providing neatly wrapped packages to your customers
Increasing the commercial value of your product
Can be used in both automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines