Products manufactured by Shimi Plastic Company

Unique products affecting the quality of agricultural products

Exclusive films

New technology in Multi-layer greenhouse films, suitable for harvesting organic products.

Ornamental films

Three-layer films for rose and other decorative flowers with extreme pesticide resistance.

Mulch films

Silver-black films that modify soil temperature and moisture & help prevent weeds growth.

The second cover greenhouse films

Films that are used as an internal sieve for greenhouse & offer increased heat reduction and energy efficiency.

Low-width agricultural films

Low width films prevent sunlight damage to crops and protect them from winds and rains.

Shrink films

Industrial three-layer shrink films to help packaging and easy transportation of most goods.

Anti-UV greenhouse films

Films that are resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays with increased lifespan.

تونل های کم ارتفاع

Low-tunnel plastic film

low thickness films of 20 to 50 microns, used in Rose and other flower fields, and products such as melon, watermelon, …

Soil disinfection

Films formulated to fit all fumigation applications, such as solarisation, chemicals, gas, and steam.


These films are mainly used to store grain and corn and help preserve the value of their contents and prevent them from fermenting.