Products manufactured by Shimi Plastic Company

Unique products affecting the quality of agricultural products

exclusive films

Chemical Plastic Company has taken advantage of the latest technologies to produce a new generation of greenhouse films

ornamental greenhouses

Production of a range of three-layer films for roses and other decorative flowers using special additives

mulch filme

Chemical Plastic Company mulch films are produced with multi-layer extrusion technology in three layers

Second cover greenhouses

Shimi Plastic Company has produced a new generation of greenhouse films that are used as internal sieves and second coatings in greenhouses.

agricultural films low width

Narrow agricultural nylons prevent damage from direct sunlight to plants and fruits by controlling the amount and emission of sunlight on the crop

Industrial Shrink Films

The company has employed the production technology of such films with its experienced staff, advanced production line and quality control solutions.

Anti-UV greenhouse

 Durability and high strength, thermal, anti-vapor, anti-drip and disease control properties all these properties have made it an effective role in plant growth and care.

Low-lying tunnels

These films are used in rose and clove fields and other flowers in addition to weeds such as watermelon and melon. The thickness of these films is from 50 to 60 micron.

Reflecting films

A white or black film with a thickness of 50 to 70 microns that is widely reflected and placed on the ground to reflect sunlight.

Soil disinfection films

To disinfect the soil in greenhouses, methyl bromide (disinfectant) is pressed from the outside with a spray and blown into the ground under a polyethylene film.

Silo films and product storage

These films are mainly used to preserve livestock and corn feed. They preserve the nutritional value of their contents and prevent the unpleasant fermentation process.

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