Ornamental greenhouse films (Nor Hals)

Ornamental greenhouse films

Shimi Plastic has produced a range of three-layer films for rose and other decorative flowers.

Due to the high use of pesticides and chemicals such as sulfur, halogens and other acidic substances in a flower greenhouse, Shimi Plastic uses a special additive that has maximum tolerance against these substances. We guarantee production of highest quality of flowers, by offering these special films. Some unique features of these films are protecting the flower against high and low temperatures, reducing rate of diseases, preventing petals from becoming dark, and as a result, their beauty & business values can be increased.

Shimi Plastic has produced a suitable, high-quality plastic film with extreme resistance towards pesticides for the ornamental flowers.These films provide outstanding stabilization even in presence of chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides or soil disinfection agents. These plastic films have excellent anti-aging effect and can reduce the harmful light rays for flower growth, reduce pest activities, and reduce and delay disease contamination such as sclerotia. These special ornamental greenhouse films of Shimi Plastic with their carefully designed formulation, make it easier for gardeners to use pesticides to improve the quality of flowers.

These films create an optimum environment for producing higher quality crops by controlling the pant growth in the greenhouse. By transmitting the useful UV radiation for the flowers as well as their diffusion properties, these films make the greenhouse flowers unique in beauty, luminosity, and longevity. Shimi Plastic assures its customers that this type of greenhouse plastic film guarantees the best quality of flower production, in addition to enhancing the commercial value of the flowers.

Specification Ornamental films
Film usage Greenhouse cover
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
IR As per customer’s request
Anti-UV yes
Dimension As per customer’s request
Product Roses and other ornamental flowers

Characteristics of plastic films for ornamental flower greenhouse (Nor Hals):

Increased pesticide resistance
Controlled release of sunlight
Purposeful light transmission

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic Yazd plastic films for an ornamental greenhouse

100 waterproof and high-resistance to sunlight
High durability and high resistance to wear and tear
Prevent the petals from becoming darker
Protection against sudden temperature drops
Enhance the beauty and commercial value of flowers ans effective in producing a different color of a flower species
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