Soil disinfectant plastic

Soil Disinfectant films

Due to the difficulty and high cost of weeding traditionally, Soil Disinfectant films of Shimi Plastic minimize methyl bromide deficiency during soil disinfection and act as an obstacle against methyl bromide and other gases to make this process easier for farmers.

In this method, many soil diseases (fungal and bacterial), pests, insects, and most weeds can be well controlled; this leads to mass, uniform, and healthy production of plant seedlings when they are needed for transplanting on the ground.

One method to disinfect the soil is the use of pesticides, because of their unique ability to move freely through the soil as well as achieve a uniform and toxic concentration in the soil over a limited time. Unfortunately, these materials cause significant environmental hazards and also have negative effects on human health and wildlife. Another practical method for soil disinfection is to use solar radiation. Due to farmers’ tendency to move away from methyl, the need to use vapor impermeable films is becoming necessary.

Soil disinfection through sunlight is a chemical method without sterilizing the soil that is achieved by raising the temperature of the soil by covering it with a thin, transparent plastic with a thickness of up to 35 microns. By using many years of experience in this industry and the latest world technologies Shimi Plastic has produced special disinfectant films. Due to the advanced permeability properties of these films, farmers can reduce the severity of different types of fungi in the soil by up to 50 percent, which maximizes the performance of the soil.

By using these films, chemical sedimentation does not contaminate the soil and can improve soil structure by increasing the availability of nitrogen and other nutrients for the growth of healthy plants, as well as controlling a wide range of pests. The use of special films produced by us in the soil disinfection process accelerates the decomposition of organic compounds into the soil. These films decompose and release organic compounds with soluble elements such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphoric acid cause to reach enhanced and improved crops.

Specification Soil disinfection films
Film usage Agriculture
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Dimension As per customer’s request

Some users of Shimi Plastic Yazd ‘s soil disinfectant plastic film

Controls a wide variety of pests and insects
Increases productivity and quality of products
Prevents many bacterial and fungal diseases (root rot and …)
Increases production and utilization of products, especially organic products by increasing useful soil organisms
Reduces evaporation rate without losing effectiveness
Uniforms distribution of surface soil vapor
Reduces emission of VIC to the atmosphere