Exclusive Greenhouse Films

Exclusive Greenhouse Films

Shimi Plastic has taken advantage of the latest technologies to produce a new generation of greenhouse films that increase efficiency in the growth of fruits, vegetables, and plants in the greenhouse. These films contain an Anti-Virus additive that has special features like absorbing UV radiation up to 390 nm, reducing the visibility of insects such as Whiteflies and Thrips, and helping to prevent viral and fungal diseases.

Exclusive Plastic films produced by Shimi Plastic prevent petals from getting dark. These films make the full spectrum of light transmitted through the growing region. This results in faster blooming and flowering of colorful petals, as well as greater productivity, higher crop quality, and faster harvesting. Hence, using these films cause a quantitative and qualitative increase in productivity.

Beyond the true quality of polyethylene plastic, the Exclusive films of Shimi Plastic Yazd have the benefits and advantages to ensure customers about the optimal and efficient use of their greenhouse enabling them to harvest organic crops. By using the Red-Photoselective Anti-UV, We can achieve integrated pest management, which is a very effective & environmentally safe method to reduce the need for pesticides and allows farmers to harvest organically developed agricultural products.

One of the Exclusive films’ properties is UV management. As the highest UV-open and UV-block effects can be achieved by controlling the doping concentrations, the UV-open effect allows the near-ultraviolet radiations to enter the greenhouse in a self-controlled manner; this effect is predominately directed to red roses and fruits, which require a specific range of ultraviolet radiation to grow. It is also crucial for the photomorphogenesis process and crop coloration due to its effect on the creation of the anthocyanin pigment. The advantage that the UV block provides is the protection of crops from damage, especially in hot climate regions in middle-east.

Another important property is the thermic effect which was obtained at the highest doping concentrations to modify the solar radiation spectrum which enters the greenhouse. Photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, and plant growth can be controlled by the use of this film. These Exclusive films are extremely effective in equilibrating the growth in plants and can result in the development of more compact plants that have higher resistance to transplant stress (nursery crops), and favor the fruit ripening process instead of the vegetative production.

These factors make our Exclusive films have excellent light transmission, ability to store energy up to 20 percent, light emission possibility of up to 60 percent, and ability to manage and control the light distribution. Anti-Virus, AFG, Anti-dust, and other additives can be used in these films based on consumers’ needs.

specificationExclusive film
Film usageGreenhouse cover
Manufacturing technology3-layer
DimensionAs per customer’s request
ProductFruits & vegetables

Below are Exclusive plastic films of Shimi Plastic specifications

Extreme reduction of pesticide needs
Allowing the harvest of organic products
Evenly & uniform plant growth
Unrivaled light transparency, particularly in the PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is effective for photosynthesis, i.e. 400-700 nm) necessary for the plant’s growth.
Reduction of shading operations by reducing the solar heat transmitted.
Better internode length – more fruits
Increase color and flavor intensity of fruits.
highly elevated mechanical properties