Silage and storage plastic films

Silage and storage plastic films

These films are mainly used to store grain and corn and help preserve the value of their contents and prevent them from fermenting.

Shimi Plastic produces top quality silage and storage plastic films by using the latest world technologies and best raw materials. These single or multi-layer plastic films with their impressively soft and flexible characteristic preserve the nutritional value of their contents. Using these plastic films can reduce the silage space occupation and help our customers make maximum use of their available space.

These films produced by Shimi Plastic Yazd ensure that the stored product remains in its original condition by preventing oxygen and moisture’s entrance inside the films and also preventing processes like fermentation or putrefaction of crops in the package. These films provide ease for transportation of your products even in adverse climate conditions and help greatly in transiting your goods easier.

Specification Silage & storage films
Film usage Grain and corn storage
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV yes
Dimension As per customer’s request

specifications of silage and storage plastic films of Shimi Plastic Yazd

Controlled release of sunlight
Purposeful light transmission
Elastic and tear resistance
Resistant to adverse weather conditions
Have lower costs than warehouses or storage compartments
Easy to install
Soft and flexible