Red mulch plastic films

This mulch film not only protects crops against weeds and preserves soil moisture but also increases productivity in crops such as tomatoes and strawberries. Our red mulch plastic films increase productivity from 12 to 20 percent by reflecting the light wavelength on the plant due to its specific raw materials. These films enhance and increase a specific color-sensitive protein in tomato plants and control plant growth.

The red mulch plastic films produced by the company control the crop seeds from the beginning and maintain soil moisture despite an increase in temperatures. These films are suitable for vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, and fruits such as strawberries as well as short-stem plants.

Specification Red mulch
Film usage Agriculture
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV yes
Length As per customer’s request

Characteristics of Shimi Plastic’s red mulch plastic films

Controlled release of sunlight
Purposeful light transmission

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic Yazd company’s red mulch films:

Uniform light distribution
Reduce water consumption
Reduce weed growth
Reduce evaporation of soil moisture
Reflect the intensity of red light to further protect the crop
Warming the cultivated soil up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit
Better soil preparation (soft and dry)
Flexible and elastic
Easy to install, easy to collect on the ground