Reflective mulch films

Reflective Black/White or White films are placed on the ground of the greenhouse, reflecting the sun and increasing light in the greenhouse during colder months. The major purpose of these films is widely used in hydroponic cultivations. These films, with their special formulation, can reflect almost 90% of the sun’s rays.

These films produced by Shimi Plastic reflect sunlight from the soil surface causing a disturbance in the vision of insects, which makes these films much more safe and more efficient compared to the use of chemical and industrial fertilizers. In addition, the amount of visible sunlight for photosynthesis in plants increases with the use of these films, which causes earlier maturity of the product and increases the yield and size, and taste of your harvested fruits.

Specification Reflecting mulch
Film usage Agriculture
Manufacturing technology 3-layer
Anti-UV yes
Length As per customer’s request

Some other uses of Shimi Plastic’s reflective mulch films

prevention of viral and bacterial diseases caused by insects such as thrips and whitefly
increasing product yield
suitable for use in winter